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Healthy Teeth and Gums, Right From the Start

As a parent, you want to give your children a healthy start in life. Choosing a dentist experienced in treating children is equally as important to the health of your child as finding the right pediatrician. Since the mouth plays a vital role in the health of the body, the American Dental Association recommends that children begin having regular dental checkups starting at the age of 12 months.

At Schaumburg Dental Studio, Dr. Jignesh Patel our team are committed to providing gentle, comprehensive services to help you and your family achieve healthy, beautiful smiles, no matter at what stage you are in life.

Gentle Pediatric Services for Your Little Ones

Keeping Healthy Habits Between Visits

The importance of thorough brushing and flossing cannot be overstated. Depending on the age of your child, we often recommend for you to co-brush and floss, allowing your child to develop the skills by doing these actions first, then you following up to ensure thorough plaque removal.

We are more than happy to review helpful techniques and provide further instruction during your child’s pediatric visits.

Oral Health in Children Is Far More Vulnerable

Preventative dental care is important for all individuals, especially children. The oral environment in the younger years is more vulnerable to decay, disease and injury, and deserves special attention through both regular dental visits and daily homecare habits.

Choose Dr. Patel to be Your Child's Dentist

With 19 years in practice, Dr. Patel has developed a fun, kid-friendly approach to our younger patients, and applies his advanced training and expertise in creating healthy mouths and smiles. Give your children a positive start in life, and schedule a fun, stress-free pediatric visit with Dr. Patel and our team today.

Finding a pediatric dentist for your children is important to the health of their smile, along with their well-being and self-confidence. See what our patients are saying about pediatric visits with Dr. Patel and our team!

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Daniel's Experience at SDS

What Did Daniel Think of SDS?

I've been coming to see Dr. Patel for 9 months. My teeth were quirky — Dr. Patel told me I had to wear braces for the crowding. When I first came I didn't like the dentist because it was brand new for me. They showed me the brackets and put them on. The first time it was scary, but I got used to it. After I got my braces off, I was smiling at people. I highly recommend people to come see Dr. Patel.
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Pediatric Dentistry - Schaumburg, IL
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