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Today’s Dentures Deliver Comfort and Convenience Like Never Before

With Our Modern Options, You Can Enjoy Wearing Dentures

Is tooth loss drawing you away from the things you enjoy in life? Are you embarrassed of your smile, or find yourself avoiding social situations? Overcome the negative effects of missing teeth and greatly improve your confidence and quality of life with modern denture options from Dr. Jignesh Patel. Today’s dentures and implant supported dentures are crafted from materials and techniques that produce the ultimate in comfort and esthetics, leaving you to enjoy one amazing smile.

Why Choose Denture Options for Tooth Replacement?

  • Eliminate unhealthy or hopeless teeth.
  • Replace a full arch of teeth for a complete smile.
  • Regain full biting and chewing function.
  • Dramatically improve your quality of life.
  • Experience huge increases in self-esteem and confidence.
  • Enjoy a healthier lifestyle and better nutritional intake.
  • Love your smile, once again.

Traditional Dentures Have Evolved From Years’ Past

Advanced technology has produced some of the most lightweight, comfortable, natural-looking removable denture materials to date, far superior to their predecessors. Traditional removable dentures are worn throughout the day, and easily removed for homecare and while sleeping. You may benefit from this denture option if you:

  • Are not a candidate for dental implants
  • Have enough bone in the jaw to support the appliance
  • Need a temporary solution prior to beginning implants
  • Are waiting for your implants to integrate with surrounding bone
  • Prefer a cost-effective solution over other replacement options

The Permanence of Implant Supported Dentures

Dentures supported by dental implants offer an extremely stable, secure biting function. Attaching to two or more implants placed strategically within your jaw bone, implant dentures do not slip or move, and afford a comfortable, dependable smile. Ideal candidates for implant supported dentures are those who:

  • Are new to tooth loss
  • Have previously worn traditional dentures
  • Are looking for a permanent, long-term solution
  • Have adequate jaw bone quality and structure
  • Are healthy enough to undergo implant surgery

Get Started Today

Dr. Patel has nearly 20 years of experience restoring all phase of oral health and creating bright, brilliant smiles for patients. Let his expert eye for cosmetic solutions and advanced expertise restore the confidence, function and beauty your smile deserves. Contact our friendly team at Schaumburg Dental Studio today to reserve your personalized consultation with Dr. Patel.

Whether dentures or implant supported dentures are right for you, we can help you overcome tooth loss with comfortable, highly esthetic solutions. Take a look at before and after photos of recent denture cases, and see the difference effective tooth replacement can make in the smile.

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What Phillip Had to Say About His Treatment

Once I came to Dr. Patel's office and saw what he offered and what he could do by seeing my mouth, it was just great. My mouth was a mess and when he got through with it, I could smile again, I could eat again better. I was amazed at the way he did everything. With the pain, I didn't even have to take pain pills. I feel great smiling, even when I take a picture now. I'm very satisfied with my smile. And eating?! What a difference!
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