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More People Lose Their Teeth to Gum Disease Than Any Other Condition

The Destructive Consequences of Avoiding Treatment

Gum disease is a progressive oral condition affecting the smiles of millions of Americans. Left untreated, it has the potential to cause bone and tooth loss, and has been linked to a number of serious systemic conditions. You can, however, protect your oral and overall health with effective options for expert periodontal care from Dr. Jignesh Patel and our team at Schaumburg Dental Studio.

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Halting the Progression of Gum Disease

Gum disease will not resolve on its own, and will only worsen without proper care. To arrest the disease process and minimize further damage to your gums, teeth and bone, Dr. Patel provides several gum disease treatments:

Dr. Patel gently removes excess or diseased gum tissue with gentle gingivectomy procedures, leaving fewer places for disease-causing bacteria to hide and a healthier, more balanced smile.
Scaling and Root Planing Therapy
Our talented dental hygienists perform this non-surgical gum disease treatment, removing plaque and tartar deposits from below the gum line for reduced periodontal pocketing and healthier gum attachment levels.
Osseous Surgery
With this surgical procedure, Dr. Patel gently folds back the gum tissue to gain access to deep areas of infection and tartar buildup. The bone supporting the teeth can also be smoothed or grafted during osseous surgery for improved tooth stability and periodontal health.

Periodontal Maintenance Is a Must for Preserving Gum Health

While gum disease cannot be cured, it can be treated and then prevented from advancing through meticulous homecare and periodic periodontal maintenance cleanings. Periodontal maintenance cleanings are scheduled every three to four months, allowing for thorough care of areas above and below the gums and close monitoring of gum and bone health. It is important to understand that these cleanings are different than bi-annual prophylactic cleanings. In fact, when you have gum disease, periodontal maintenance visits take the place of regular six-month cleanings, as a general prophy does not address the areas affected by gum disease.

Delivering Dental Excellence Through Comprehensive Care

Dr. Patel has been serving the oral health and smile needs of patients for the past 19 years, and remains committed to providing excellent, effective dental services to you and your loved ones. When periodontal disease threatens your smile and oral health, get the expert care you need right from the general dentist you trust.

Do not let gum disease affect your smile. Contact our office today and reserve your gum disease evaluation and consultation with Dr. Patel.

Dr. Patel and our team are committed to saving smiles from the negative effects of gum disease. See/Hear what our patients are saying about life after gum disease treatment from Schaumburg Dental Studio.

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We saw Dr. Patel's picture and his staff in one of those clipper's magazines. There was just something about the picture that just brought you in. We made an appointment and came, and the rest is history. He's just the most warm, genuine person. He makes you feel good — his staff makes you like you're the only one here. He never makes you feel rushed. He never makes you feel uncomfortable. In one word, he's the best.
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Treating Gum Disease - Schaumburg, IL
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