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Sedation Dentistry Offers More Comfortable Visits

A large number of people visiting the dentist experience some level of dental fear or anxiety. Yet, when visiting Schaumburg Dental Studio, you can feel relaxed about your procedure long before your dental visit even begins. Dr. Jignesh Patel offers several levels of sedation dentistry tailored to your unique needs, and wants you to always feel good about receiving dental treatment before, during and after your visit.

dental patient under sedation

Discover the Benefits of Sedation Options

With effective sedation options, you can feel confident in knowing you will experience a calm, relaxed, comfortable visit, and never need to be afraid or worried about your upcoming dental treatment. Just knowing these options are available helps to dissolve fear, and opens the door for you and your family to get the care you need from a team you trust. Some of the benefits of sedation dentistry include:

Offering Sedation Options With Your Needs in Mind

Whether previous traumatic dental visits, extensive dental needs or a strong dislike for the dental environment causes you to experience anxiety or avoid treatment, you can overcome dental phobias and actually enjoy getting the care you need for a healthier smile. In fact, most patients opting for sedation dentistry have little to no recollection of their visit. Our sedation options include:

For controlled delivery of local anesthetic, Dr. Patel uses The Wand® to effectively numb the teeth, gums and bone for fillings, crowns, root canals or any procedure requiring local anesthesia.

Patients undergoing procedures like extractions, gum surgery or dental implants who also experience moderate anxiety can fully relax by taking a prescription sedative about an hour prior to their visit. Oral sedation eliminates fear over procedures, leaving patients calm throughout their appointments.

Sometimes called “laughing gas” nitrous oxide is a gaseous medication inhaled through a nasal mask. Although patients likely won’t laugh, they often feel drowsy and relaxed throughout their treatment. With this sedation, patients will remain conscious, relaxed, and responsive throughout their care. After treatment is done, the nitrous oxide is stopped, so only oxygen is breathed until the mask is removed. The effects will wear off quickly allowing you to drive yourself home.

Offered through a third-party contractor as needed.

sedation dentistry patient

Sedation dentistry allows you to get the care you need – without the fear or anxiety.

Keeping Your Smile Healthy and Confident

Dr. Patel wants to see you and your loved ones enjoying the smiles of your life, and is committed to helping you get the care you need in a way that works best for you. For your ultimate comfort, he works with an anesthesiologist and customizes sedation services to match your specific needs. For more information on sedation dentistry, contact our office today and speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members.

Sedation dentistry allows you to get the care you need – without the fear or anxiety. See what our patients have to say about receiving sedation for their dental visits with Dr. Patel.

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