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Save Your Smile and Oral Health From Destructive Bone Loss

The Importance of Quality Bone in the Jaw

Bone in the jaw plays a crucial role in your oral health and quality of your smile. Most often the result of progressive gum disease, bone loss leads to negative consequences like:

  • Tooth Mobility
  • Shifting of Teeth
  • Problems with Biting & Chewing
  • Tooth Loss
  • Loss of Jaw & Facial Contour
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Counteracting Bone Deterioration

Bone needs constant stimulation from tooth roots to remain healthy, and deteriorates overtime when not received. Losing teeth brings about further bone destruction, along with sinking facial structures and changes in appearance.

How do you reverse these disparaging effects of bone loss? Dr. Jignesh Patel can help with restorative bone grafting and regenerative procedures.

Rebuilding Your Smile’s Foundation

Bone grafting from Dr. Patel not only adds much needed support to teeth in peril, it also guards against the collapse of your facial profile, restoring natural fullness and contour of your face and jaw. Replacing lost bone may be the only way to save your teeth from the ravaging effects of gum disease. To give your bone the best chance for recovery, Dr. Patel also uses Protein Rich in Growth Factors during bone grafting procedures to help you body regenerate strong, healthy bone.

Bone Grafting Enables Implant Placement

Dental implants rely heavily on firm, adequate bone tissue for support and integration. In fact, it is the ability of implants to fuse with your bone that gives you a stable, solid biting function. Implants also help keep your jaw bone healthy through constant stimulation, affording you a confident, functional, healthy smile.

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Dr. Patel and our team have proudly served the Chicagoland community from our Schaumburg location since 2004. We are passionate about improving your dental health and your smile, and offer the most advanced care available today to ensure your greatest comfort and confidence in our procedures.

To overcome bone loss in the jaw and enjoy a healthy, vibrant smile, contact our office today and reserve your personalized consultation with Dr. Patel.

Dr. Patel has restored strength and stability to many smiles with effective bone grafting techniques. See what our patients are saying about this health-saving procedure.

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Dee's Stance on Dr. Patel's Office

The reason I was led to Dr. Patel was because my dentist was retiring. When I first came to Dr. Patel, it was an amazing experience. After my procedure Dr. Patel and his staff followed up to see how I was feeling at home. This is an office that makes you feel very comfortable and very well taken care of before, during, and after procedures. It was very obvious that Dr. Patel puts a lot of compassion into taking care of his patients.
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Bone Grafting - Schaumburg, IL
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