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Close up photo of a doctor holding a clear aligner up to a female patient’s teeth
Why Might I Choose A Lumineer® Over Porcelain Veneers?
When people need to aesthetically enhance the look of their smile, because they have discolored teeth or chipped teeth, then they will want to get...
man looking at his teeth through a hand held mirror
Will Root Canals Benefit My Smile?
Have an infected tooth or teeth? When people have infected teeth, a skilled and trusted dental practice can treat them with a root canal in...
Dental patient pointing to teeth as the dentist makes the process of treatment in dental clinic.
Am I A Candidate For Clear Aligners?
Clear aligners in Schaumburg, IL, are a series of custom-made clear aligners that are designed to discreetly align people’s teeth so that they have a...
patient looking in mirror as a dentist admires they're work
Which Steps Are Performed During A Professional Tooth Cleaning Procedure?
People should get a professional tooth cleaning in Schaumburg, IL, twice a year. A professional tooth cleaning is not only used to clean the patient’s...
dental implant patient reseraching implant options on a computer
Why Should I Consider A Dental Implant To Replace My Missing Tooth?
If you have missing teeth, there are a few cosmetic and functional restorations available to bring back your smile. Two popular restoration options for missing...
Dental Implant Patients Eating Together In Schaumburg, IL
For Oral Health Month, Consider Improving Your Health With Dental Implants!
Dealing with missing or damaged teeth can surely be disappointing and even affect tooth function and quality of life. This issue can also negatively impact...
Dental Implant Patients Eating Together With Their False Teeth in Schaumburg, IL
For National False Teeth Day, Get Yourself Dental Implants Instead!
There are many different reasons why tooth loss in Schaumburg, IL can occur for dental patients – including advanced gum disease and trauma. Believe it...
Dental Patient Suffering From Mouth Pain On A Dental Chair, In Schaumburg, IL
How Painful Is It to Get Dental Implants In Schaumburg, IL?
Do you have a low tolerance for pain? Are you scared to correct your teeth because of the pain that may come from it? Have...
Dental Patient Smiling After Getting Dental Implants In Schaumburg, IL
Smile Confidently with Your Brand New Dental Implants!
Has your confidence level decreased since you are not able to smile because of missing teeth? Are you embarrassed because you have holes in your...

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