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The Truth About Root Canals

Are You Avoiding Root Canal Treatment?

When severe decay or damage occurs and threatens your oral health, a root canal may be necessary to keep you from losing the affected tooth. The consequences of prolonging or avoiding root canal therapy go far beyond your smile – loss of jaw bone tissue and even systemic illness may result if early treatment is not received.

You can, however, keep your smile from suffering the effects of tooth loss and beyond. Dr. Jignesh Patel is highly skilled at providing root canal therapy, and will put you right at ease with his gentle touch and advanced expertise when a root canal is required to save your tooth.

Dissolving the Negative Reputation of Root Canals

Despite popular belief, root canal visits are not painful, and really no different than being seen for a filling or crown. A root canal removes infected, diseased tissue from within the tooth, restoring health and preventing further oral problems. During the procedure Dr. Patel expertly fills the center portion and canals of your tooth roots with a special material, allowing your tooth to fully heal before placing a permanent restoration. Root canal treated teeth tend to be brittle, and often require crowns for coverage and protection.

Oral Conditions Leading to Root Canal Therapy

  • Extensive Decay
  • Fractured Tooth
  • Internal Resorption
  • Trauma or Injury
  • Abscessed Tooth

Treat Your Tooth Now to Avoid Greater Cost in the Future

Putting off root canal treatment when you need it only creates further complications down the road, many of which are costlier. Do not let fear or anxiety surrounding a root canal hold you back – treatment with our experienced team is comfortable, effective and much easier than you think. We can even provide sedation services for your procedure, if preferred.

Let Dr. Patel Make The Pain Stop

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Patel has proudly served the dental needs of patients in our community, and goes above the mainstream to provide the most advanced, innovative services available today. Contact our Schaumburg office to schedule your private consultation for comfortable, stress-free root canal treatment.

Root canals are actually common, comfortable dental procedures – and our patients agree! Visit our patient reviews to see how this treatment with Dr. Patel has restored health and function to their smiles.

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Jessica's Review

Jessica's Experience with Dr. Patel

Since I came here in 2013 I got all of my cavities redone and I have not had any kind of cavity expansion or new cavities, and that's never happened to me before. So I think that that has a lot to do with Dr. Patel's techniques, and what he does in the office when I come visit him. I've had people say wow your teeth are great, and then not realize there's plastic over them when we're talking. With Invisalign I can take them off, eat whatever I want, drink whatever I want, and it's really just the best option overall I think.
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Root Canal - Schaumburg, IL
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