Wisdom Teeth Removal – Don’t Wait Too Long in Schaumburg, IL

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Don’t Wait Too Long

October 28, 2017

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Don’t Wait Too Long

A tooth is considered impacted when there isn’t enough room for it to come in normally. As a result, it could become displaced or twisted. Wisdom teeth are the last to come in, and if one becomes impacted, it can cause a variety of problems that worsen the longer you wait. Here’s a look at these issues.

  1. Gum disease: The longer you wait, the more at risk of gum disease you are. Impacted, partially erupted wisdom teeth aren’t easy to clean, and you could develop pericoronitis. It’s the inflammation of gum tissue around the crown of a tooth.
  2. Tooth decay: When teeth are difficult to clean, the risk of decay increases. It’s hard to reach the bacteria and food that have gotten trapped.
  3. Cysts: A wisdom tooth that doesn’t erupt properly can lead to fluid and a cyst in the sac where the tooth develops. It’s even possible that a tumor could grow, resulting in the removal of bone and tissue. On the plus side, these tumors tend to be benign. On the minus side, they do need to be removed, and the procedure could have been avoided. In any case, if a cyst forms, it could cause damage to your nerves, teeth and jawbone.
  4. Tooth damage: When your mouth (or an area of your mouth) gets crowded, your teeth are more likely to push and press against one another. That contact can result in infections or damage, and in teeth that aren’t straight. Crooked teeth lead to a whole other group of problems which may include jaw pain. They can also affect your self-esteem and make you feel self-conscious about smiling.

Dr. Patel is a dentist who provides a variety of services, including the removal of wisdom teeth. Yours may be impacted, and you might not know it. Symptoms such as bleeding gums and pain do not always manifest themselves, so contact our office today.

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