Do I Need to Get Teeth Extracted For Braces? in Schaumburg, IL

Do I Need to Get Teeth Extracted For Braces?

June 14, 2019

Do I Need to Get Teeth Extracted For Braces?

There are two sides, at least, to most anything. There are at least two sides to the value of keeping wisdom teeth, especially when you throw braces into the equation. So, should you try to keep your wisdom teeth with your braces or should you have them removed to potentially speed up your orthodontic treatment? Get both sides of the story before you get braces in Schaumburg IL, and then continue the conversation with a local dentist.

Reasons to Get a Tooth Extraction for Braces
There isn’t much argument for keeping your wisdom teeth when there are issues with their eruption, which is the process in which a tooth emerges through the gums and into the mouth. Most dentists will recommend impacted wisdom teeth be removed before they create teeth alignment issues or exacerbate current alignment problems – impacted teeth are those that aren’t left enough space by existing teeth.

But what if the wisdom teeth are coming in fine and won’t cause any overcrowding issues in your mouth? What then?

Reasons Not to Have a Tooth Extraction for Braces

If it’s not breaking anything else, is there any reason to fix it? That’s the argument made by proponents of retaining harmless wisdom. Once the teeth have successfully erupted, they won’t have any impact on future orthodontic treatments.

In cases where the wisdom teeth aren’t creating problems, removing them might create its own set of issues. Removing lower wisdom teeth can, rarely, damage nerves in your tongue, which could cause the effective area to lose feeling in the short- or long-term.

Reasons to Get an Expert’s Opinion

Seems pretty straightforward, but how do you know if a wisdom tooth has successfully erupted or if it’s in danger of being impacted by existing teeth? The answer: you talk to the experts.

Schedule an appointment with a local orthodontist and find out about more about getting braces in Schaumburg, IL. During your consultation, you’ll learn more about how your wisdom teeth might, or might not, impact an orthodontic treatment plan.

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