Everything You Need to Know about Root Canals in Schaumburg, IL

Everything You Need to Know about Root Canals

September 30, 2015

Everything You Need to Know about Root Canals

No one wants to ever have a root canal. Leading up to a root canal can be quite a bit of pain and irritability in the area surrounding the tooth that is causing the problem. Root canal treatment is needed when the tooth’s root becomes damaged by a large cavity or from an injury which causes the root to become inflamed by decay or infection. The two big concerns surrounding root canals are when the right time is to perform root canal treatment and how much it may end up costing, as it is not an inexpensive procedure.

If you live in Palatine, Hoffman Estates or any other suburb near Schaumburg, Schaumburg Dental Studio can assist you in treating your dental needs including root canal issues through their Root Canal Therapy. The tissue inside the tooth and any bacteria or decay are removed and the open space is then filled with sterile medicated dental materials which will restore the tooth back to health – and take away the pain!

When to Get a Root Canal

When is a root canal needed? That is a popular question for anyone suffering from nerve problems from an infected or decaying tooth. When anyone hears the word root canal, it can cause one to wince in pain just imagining how painful the experience may be. But it’s a lot less scary than people make it out to be. If a patient waits too long before treating the infected and decaying root, then the pain will be excruciating. But the goal is to perform Root Canal Therapy prior to the pain becoming unbearable (which is why it’s so important to visit SDS regularly for your Continuing Care appointments). Palatine and Hoffman Estates residents can rest assured that they will have the best care when being treated for a root canal at Schaumburg Dental Studio.

A root canal may be recommended by the dentist if the following symptoms are present:

  • Gums are swollen and tender
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold liquids or food
  • Moderate to extreme pain within the mouth, especially surrounding the area around the infected or decaying tooth
  • Discoloration of the problematic tooth or of a tooth surrounding the problematic tooth
  • A broken or chipped tooth – Contact the dentist immediately if this happens prior to the tooth-discoloring or becoming dark in color

Again, it’s important to stress that we recommend Root Canal Therapy prior to the pain becoming unbearable.

How Much Will It Cost?

Since root canals can be a bit more extensive of a procedure, money is always a concern when the dentist recommends a root canal treatment. Root canals range from $500-$700 in price. This may seem pricey but root canals can be labor intensive and this will cover all costs necessary to have the tooth fixed correctly. We are in-network with most major insurance companies and work with all PPO plans. We will work with you if a payment plan is needed to help with managing the cost.

Don’t delay if you are experiencing the symptoms we listed above. Call us to schedule your dental exam!

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