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Why are Dental Veneers Right For You? →October 7, 2019

Why Are Porcelain Veneers The Best Choice For You? It’s no secret that that celebrities have a special talent for having cosmetic procedures to cover up any or all their perceived flaws. In this case its porcelain veneers have become more widespread and are often referred to as Hollywood’s go to choice for restoring the […]

Invisalign an Alternative to Traditional Braces →September 17, 2019

Invisalign Treatment: What Are My Options? The advancement of cosmetic dentistry has brought with it advancements and Invisalign is one of these advancements. The Orthodontics dental field has seen an advancement in the form of Invisalign which is seen as more convenient than braces. Invisalign involves receiving invisible aligners that work to correct overbites, crossbites, […]

Stages of Gum Disease →September 11, 2019

Gum Disease is also referred to as periodontal disease and can inflict a lot of damage to not only your mouth but other parts of your body as well. Unfortunately, many people that are affected by this oral illness underestimate the severity and long-term repercussions that it can cause. If you are experiencing symptoms of […]

The Importance of Replacing Teeth →August 30, 2019

If you have missing or decaying teeth you should think about replacing them as soon as possible. Postponing a tooth replacement can open the flood gates to a numerous amount of immediate and future medical problems. Typically, physical complications are what you might associate with tooth loss like the accompanying pain caused by the affected […]

The Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry →August 20, 2019

The advantages of cosmetic dentistry have vastly contributed to making numerous lives better all over the world. Imagine the self-confidence you’ll have the next time you’re out on a date, celebrating with family and friends, or even in a business meeting, knowing you have a full set of aesthetically pleasing teeth that you can be […]

What did dentistry look like back in 1776 →July 2, 2019

As we approach nearly two and a half centuries of our nation’s independence, you might be wondering (if you’re anything like us), “What did dentistry look like back in 1776?”. Prior to 1800, American dentistry was merely a combination of French and British dentistry. In fact, there were few texts on dentistry in the colonies, […]

Do I Need to Get Teeth Extracted For Braces? →June 14, 2019

There are two sides, at least, to most anything. There are at least two sides to the value of keeping wisdom teeth, especially when you throw braces into the equation. So, should you try to keep your wisdom teeth with your braces or should you have them removed to potentially speed up your orthodontic treatment? […]

Don’t Panic: A better Understanding of Emergency Dentistry →June 13, 2019

Dental Emergency? Don’t Panic You should schedule appointments with your dentist once every six months. However, emergencies can pop up at a moment’s notice. Causing you to seek a dental professional right away. You’ll need someone who specializes in emergency dentistry, and Dr. Jignesh Patel at Schaumburg Dental Studio fits the bill perfectly. Here are […]

Is Your Tooth Unsaveable? →May 3, 2019

At Schaumburg Dental Studio, Dr. Jig Patel will do everything possible to save your teeth. Our dentist in Schaumburg, IL has various treatments available, including laser dentistry, to ensure you get to retain all of your natural teeth. However, sometimes our team has no other option but to remove the diseased tooth. Here are some […]

Current Trends in Orthodontics →April 5, 2019

Orthodontics are constantly changing and improving, so if you’re thinking about straightening your teeth, you have more options than your parents did. While there’s no harm in going for classic, traditional metal braces, you may want to consider faster, more comfortable alternatives. Here’s what you should know about current trends in orthodontic treatments and how […]

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