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Is It Better to Get a Dental Bridge or Dental implants? →July 24, 2020

If you’ve lost a tooth or you’re about to, you may be wondering what the best solution is for replacing it in Schaumburg, IL. You have multiple options, including a dental bridge and a dental implant. But which option is better? Your choice may depend on your aesthetic goals, functional needs, oral health situation, and […]

Do You Know These 7 Risks of Gum Disease? →July 8, 2020

When it comes to gum disease because it is a bacterial infection if it’s not treated promptly and allowed to spread to the rest of your mouth it can then cause some associated risk factors to turn into the development of systemic diseases.  To better understand these risk factors as well as these systemic diseases […]

Don’t Ignore These 5 Dental Emergencies →June 25, 2020

Here at our practice we offer emergency dentistry in the Schaumburg, IL area for our patients because we want them to know that we are available for them if they ever experience a dental emergency. Also, our commitment to our patients receiving high quality dental care involved providing them dental emergency care. While our patients […]

Sedation Dentistry: How Sedation Dentistry Can Calm Your Anxiety →June 8, 2020

A vast majority of the population suffers from dental anxiety. It is actually estimated that more than 10% of Schaumburg, IL adults avoid going to the dentist because of how severe their dental anxiety is. Causes of Dental Anxiety There are quite a few reasons people experience anxiety about dentists including the following: Fear of […]

Cosmetic Dentistry: The Guide To A Better Smile →May 16, 2020

Cosmetic dentistry has seen the birth of many advances including the ability to enhance a patient’s smile. There are quite a few forms of cosmetic dentistry in Schaumburg, IL and they are all aimed at enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a patient’s smile. To learn more about these cosmetic procedures read below: Teeth Whitening Many […]

Emergency Dental Care: Getting Dental Treatment During the Coronavirus Outbreak →April 1, 2020

You probably already know it. That the dull ache underneath that tooth won’t subside on its own. That chipped tooth will only get worse if it continues to go untreated. That uncomfortable sensitivity to hot or cold food or drink will only increase in severity. Yet, as the world hunkers down to wait out the […]

Emergency Dentistry and the Importance →March 20, 2020

Needing emergency service is never a situation you want to find yourself in. Many times, people don’t realize they may even need emergency dental care. Dental emergencies just like health emergencies need to be treated with promptness, which is why more and more dentists are beginning to offer emergency care. If you are unsure of […]

Sleep Apnea: The Symptoms and Fix →March 9, 2020

Patients tend to overlook their sleep apnea. More often than not they also overlook the fact that sleep apnea can be treated by your dentist. Did you know that you may be a sleep apnea sufferer if you are managing snoring through the night? It’s true – if you’re continuously snoring, you stop your breathing […]

LANAP Versus Traditional Periodontal Gum Flap Surgery →February 6, 2020

You may have the choice to choose between conventional surgery or laser surgery if you have periodontal disease and it has advanced to the point that you need surgery. Each patient is special and Dr. Jig Patel will help you make the right choice for your own mouth, but before you make your choice, we […]

What Causes TMJ and Should You Treat It? →February 6, 2020

TMJ is a temporomandibular joint in your jaw, which is responsible for opening and closing your mouth. It is also the term used within the same joint to describe a condition. When you start experiencing issues with your jaw, you must seek treatment for TMJ immediately before more severe symptoms arise. Causes of TMJ There […]

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