Use it or Lose it: Apply Your Dental Insurance Before New Years in Schaumburg, IL

Use it or Lose it: Apply Your Dental Insurance Before New Years

November 5, 2015

Use it or Lose it: Apply Your Dental Insurance Before New Years

Your dental insurance won’t roll over into 2016. Take advantage of your 2015 benefits before the end of the year, and start 2016 with a dazzling smile!

The Year is Almost Over!

Here at Schaumburg Dental Studios, we can’t believe that 2015 is almost over! We hope that our loyal patients have had just as an amazing year as we have, and, as we wrap up 2015, we wanted to remind you all to take advantage of your dental insurance benefits before time runs out!

Wrapping Up the Year with SDS

If one of your New Year resolutions is to finally have the straight and healthy teeth you have always wanted, well here at Schaumburg Dental Studio, we have just what you need.We offer various services at SDS so that you can get your smile to dazzle in 2016.
Why not start the New Year with something to smile about?

Straighten Up

We have both metal braces and Invisalign, which is a great alternative to our metal braces if you want straight teeth, but don’t want other people to know it. We’re happy to accommodate you so that you can start the New Year exactly as you see fit.*

*Typically, cosmetic dentistry insurance coverage only applies to major dental procedures that restore tooth structure or improves a patient’s oral health. Check with your insurance provider for more information

Get Ready to Shine in 2016

We also offer great touch-up options for your teeth. Our teeth whitening selections are some of the best. Not only will we give you the look you want, we also will make sure we design a package specific to what you need. Whitening service, for example, is painless, long lasting and effective whitening that will not damage your teeth.

We also offer the more traditional tray option, which quite a few of our patients love. Many of the at-home whitening trays are not only the less efficient, but they may also not be the most effective. Our whitening services promise to leave you feeling your most confident.

Something for Every Resolution

These might some of our more popular options, however, we offer hundreds of services that you can pursue as we end 2015. From getting the right fit and style of veneers to having dental implants and porcelain bridges put in, we want our customers to go into the New Year feeling renewed and as beautiful as we think you all are. We offer hundred of services that are all uniquely designed for each individual, so not matter what you choose you truly cannot go wrong. Thank you for being such a loyal customers in 2015, we are so happy to return the favor so we can all tackle 2016 and make it one of the best years yet!

Let Us Put A Smile On Your Face Today

Looking for a new smile for 2016? Don’t wait. Schedule your next appointment before the end of the year and take advantage of all of your insurance benefits. You can read more about our services offered and meet our professional SDS team on our website, or call us at (847) 957-3537 to schedule an appointment.

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