The Whats and Whys of Dental Cleaning in Schaumburg, IL

The Whats and Whys of Dental Cleaning

June 5, 2015

The Whats and Whys of Dental Cleaning

At Schaumburg Dental Studio, we understand the importance of your smile. A regular dental cleaning will help in preservation of your smile and leave your teeth feeling smooth.


As you may know, our teeth are constantly bathed in saliva. Saliva contains calcium and other substances which are essential in the strengthening and protection of our teeth. Now, although this may be a good thing, it unfortunately has it’s consequences.

Know that soft, sticky, bacterial film that builds up on your teeth over time? It’s called plaque. Plaque can be harmful to your teeth when eating. The bacteria will create an acid that can harm tooth enamel and possibly lead to cavities.

If plaque is left untreated, the plaque will harden into something called tartar (calculus). Tartar is a build up of calcium. It will feel chalky against your tongue and can be tooth colored or brown to a blackish color. Once the tartar has settled, it provides ideal living conditions for bacteria to thrive next to your gums, which could potentially lead to gum disease.

If tartar has accumulated on your teeth, only a dentist or dental hygienist can remove it. This is why regular dental cleanings are crucial. Below we will discuss some of the methods used in the prevention and cleaning of plaque and tartar.

Ultrasonic Instruments

The first commonly used tool in the removal of tartar is an ultrasonic instrument. The instrument will use vibrations to knock out larger pieces of loose tartar, while spraying a cooling mist to wash away the debris. The usage time of this instrument will vary on the severity of tartar build-up.

Fine Hand Tools

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When all the larger pieces of tartar have been removed, your dental worker will switch to these fine hand tools to remove the smaller deposits, which are usually closer to the gums. The tools are curved and shaped to match the curves of your teeth. Your dental worker will carefully scrape off the remainder of tartar from your teeth, leaving them smooth.


After the tartar has been removed and your teeth are smooth, the dental worker may polish your teeth. A small instrument with a small rubber cup that has been dipped into prophylaxis spins around on your teeth to leave them shiny and smooth.


Your dental worker may also add a fluoride foam or gel in a flexible foam tray to help repair the damages caused from the bacteria that had once settled on your teeth. After thirty seconds, you will rinse out your mouth and be on your way.

The Bottom Line

Our mission at Dental Studio is to provide you with the upmost care and comfort. So remember to brush and floss and visit your dentist regularly to keep a smile healthy. Contact us today to schedule your next cleaning appointment.

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