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juanita dental patient
"I Always Wanted My Smile To Be Nice - My Implants Changed My Life!"

A smile is everything, so I always wanted my smile to be nice. From the beginning, I had to wear partials and bridges. As I got older, they weren’t giving me this pretty smile I wanted.

It was just like Christmas. It's like your favorite toy you got. You told your mom and dad, "This is what I want for Christmas."

juanita dental implants patient

Male Interviewee:

Her attitude was kind of down because she’d admit to so many different dentists and got work done, and nothing seemed to work correctly. She gets all these different work done, then she was like, “I got to go to the dentist again.” and I would say, “Wow. Again?” So, this went on for like years.


One day, I met Dr. Patel at a church. I didn’t know what he was doing. I just know he was a nice guy. And so happened, I say, “What you do for a living?” and he said he was a dentist. Whoa. The halo came up. The sun and the sky opened up. I’m like, “What? You’re a dentist?” The first thing you know what I asked him, “Do you do implants?” He said, “Yes, I do implants.”

Dr. Patel:

Since day one, she always just wanted a pretty smile. Over the time, as we worked on her, we got her and all in six to be exact and completely just changed how she can eat. But probably the biggest thing I noticed was she was always an outgoing person, but I feel like since she got her smile, she’s even more outgoing.


You just don’t know how much that meant to me. I went from braces to partials to crowns. I was tired. I was ready to get all my teeth pulled out and get my implants up and lower. That was an important procedure for me. You needed somebody who you were going to trust. I’m like, “Okay, I could trust this guy. He’s a nice guy.” He came in and he looked at everything. He did the work and voila. Look at here. I got this nice big smile.

Male Interviewee:

I couldn’t believe it. It was like I kept looking at her and she was even a whole another person.

Dr. Patel:

She really holds her head up higher. Her posture’s completely change. She used to hide her smile all the time. Use her hand. Turn her head. Kind of just looked down. Now, she looks at you right in the eyes. Smiles. I love her smile. I wish I had teeth like that. She’s got nice big bright smiles. Her transformation has been wonderful.


It is everything they said it was going to be, plus. I was so happy I can smile again. You just don’t know. It was just like Christmas. It’s like your favorite toy you got. You told your mom and dad, “This is what I want for Christmas.” He wasn’t sure he was going to get it. But when you tore that gift box open and that’s what it was, that’s what it’s like to me when I saw my teeth. It was like Christmas. So, I am grateful for Dr. Patel at Schaumburg Dental Studio. They are the best.

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