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gina orthodontics patient
"All My Life My Bite Was Off - I Was Self Conscious About It"

All my life, my bite was off. It was slightly shifted towards an underbite, but not a complete underbite, and I was always very self-conscious of it. Got married, had kids, and really the focus went on the children. My teeth had started to shift further. So the bite was becoming worse, and I did notice some teeth becoming forked on the bottom. After my kids were older, I decided that it was time for me. So I sought out Dr. Patel. It has very good reviews and offered many different types of braces. It was something I wanted to be done quickly because I had just found out that my son will be getting married in 11 months.

I could not be happier with everything that they've done to me to help me feel more confident and to provide wonderful service.

gina orthodonticss patient

Dr. Patel:

She didn’t like the positioning of her teeth. She just didn’t like her smile. She doesn’t like that it was crooked. She felt like she couldn’t really see her teeth. She wanted a bigger, bolder smile. Now Gina, at first, even was maybe a little hesitant to go down the road of doing the orthodontic treatment.


I had looked at the reviews that were online for Schaumburg Dental Studio, and all the reviews were fabulous. They couldn’t rave enough about Dr. Patel and all the staff. When I walked in the first time, they were so welcoming. They did a free consultation. I was very comfortable, and I think I knew from that first moment I walk through the door this was where I needed to be.

Dr. Patel:

Her big thing was her son was getting married. So we were on a timeline, and I had to produce results to make sure that she had this smile before her son’s wedding. That was a very important time in her life, and just want to look good obviously, for the family and for pictures.


We cut it down to the wire. Dr. Patel was very precise and wanted everything completely perfect. So he kept making minor adjustments, which I was very thankful for.

Dr. Patel:

It makes me really happy because she’s a great, raving fan of our practice because she just says all the time, “I love my smile.”


I could not be happier with everything that they’ve done to me to help me feel more confident and to provide wonderful service. We got the braces off the day before the wedding, and it was perfect, and I couldn’t smile any bigger in my son’s pictures. If you need a dentist, this is the place to be.

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