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alex orthodontics patient
"Dr. Patel Made My Ortho Process Easier and Less Nerve Wrecking"

Hi, my name is Alex. I got my orthodontics done at Schaumburg Dental Studio. I think a smile is very important because the first thing people see is when you’re laughing. Me, I like to smile. I’m a funny guy so my teeth weren’t that bad, but I still had gaps and an overbite and everything. It was after Middle School in between my 8th grade and my freshman year, that’s when I decided to get braces. Walking in here everyone was really nice to me. It was really friendly and they were considering my feelings and everything and how I felt because I am kind of scared. Because a lot of friends who have braces they’re always like, “Oh, my teeth hurt,” or, “It hurts.” But honestly, I’m going to get braces soon like it was okay. Dr. Patel is a really nice person and he’s a real chill dude, you know, easy to talk to. He makes the whole process a lot easier and less nerve-wracking.

It's not as bad as people say it is so don't be nervous. You're going to like your smile after you get your braces done for sure.

Dr. Jignesh Patel:

My buddy Alex when I first met him was only in 8th grade. Just a young guy, had a lot of spaces in his teeth. If anything, his mom was really concerned about how that nice smile. Sometimes young boys are not as concerned. But now he’s old, older, I should say. Now he’s done with high school. He’s mature.


Once the procedure was done I mean it was weird at first, but after a while, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was in the mirror smiling. I was showing off my smile to everybody. You know this smile helps the girls. I’m not going to lie. It really did hook me up. You know, I really liked my smile helped my confidence a lot.

Dr. Patel:

He needed his teeth to fit his personality because he got a personality that just booms. This kid loves talking so his teeth just make him look even better. His personality put the teeth and the person together and actually going to do some cool things with his life.


It’s not as bad as people say it is so don’t be nervous. You’re going to like your smile after you get your braces done for sure.

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