Should You Choose Dentures to Replace Your Missing Teeth? in Schaumburg, IL

Should You Choose Dentures to Replace Your Missing Teeth?

August 29, 2017

Should You Choose Dentures to Replace Your Missing Teeth?

When you lose one or more teeth due to decay or injury, you have choices. Traditionally, dentures were the go-to fix for missing teeth. With the advances in technology, they are more comfortable and natural looking than ever. That is why many patients of Dr. Patel at Schaumburg Dental Studio still choose this option. However, technology has also led to the development of alternative treatment options, such as dental implants. Therefore, you must consider some key factors when deciding the right option for you.


The main reasons that clients choose this over other tooth replacement options are their availability and cost. Typically, they cost less than other procedures, especially those requiring one or more surgeries. Additionally, we have the capability to produce a set for you very quickly, sometimes within a few hours. Other replacement procedures take weeks or months to fully complete. Although dentures have a reputation for being unattractive and unnatural, many of the latest developments provide a more natural and appealing look. The same changes also impart a more comfortable and natural fit.


As with any dental treatment, there are downsides to replacing your natural teeth with a denture product. For one, you generally have to alter your diet because they change your ability to chew. You might have to give up some of your favorite foods, such as popcorn, tough meat or corn on the cob. A poor fitting pair also might impact your ability to speak, since they will move around in your mouth. The biggest downside is your increased risk of bone loss. Unlike other options, they do not help deter any further bone loss or tooth decay, which could lead to more problems down the line.

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