Schools of Elk Grove Village in Schaumburg, IL

Schools of Elk Grove Village

June 15, 2015

Schools of Elk Grove Village

Elk Grove Village is a wonderful place to raise children. Not only are there many fun things to do to keep children active and entertained, but Elk Grove Village has a great education system. There are 14 schools in Elk Grove, which consist of 9 elementary schools and 5 junior high schools.

Elk Grove Village DentistIf you’re looking to send your child to a public school, there are 7 elementary schools to choose from and 2 junior high schools within Elk Grove Village. They are separated into two school districts, School District 54 and Community Consolidated School District 59. There are also 2 private elementary schools which also offer junior high if you want to go the private school education route – Sterling Central and Queen of the Rosary Catholic School.

Private Lake School is another private school that educates junior high and high school students.

There are two public high schools in Elk Grove Village and students are divided to each school dependent on what area of Elk Grove they live in. High school students that live west Route 53/I-290 go to Conant High School in Hoffman Estates while students that reside east of Route 53/I-290 attend Elk Grove High School which is located within Elk Grove Village. Both high schools have much to offer in terms of education, athletics, the arts, and a variety of clubs and programs. If moving to the Elk Grove Village area with your family, we recommend learning more about both high schools’ curriculum and focus before deciding which side of the line to move to.

Harper College is the local community college that serves various areas including Elk Grove residents. Harper College is a two-year college and offers two-year degrees and technical degrees.elk grove schools

Dominican University has a satellite campus in Elk Grove Village for their Masters in Business Administration program. This satellite campus is located within Alexian Brother Medical Center.

No matter what age your child is, he or she is guaranteed a great education where they will learn so many new things – Elk Grove Village takes pride in offering advanced technology in the classrooms so children can grow with the way of the internet world. Elk Grove Village is a wonderful place to raise children while offering them an amazing education.

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