Schaumburg Doctors Who Make A Difference in Schaumburg, IL

Schaumburg Doctors Who Make A Difference

March 10, 2015

Schaumburg Doctors Who Make A Difference

In the last Healthy Schaumburg post, we introduced several healthcare practitioners who are doing there best to make Schaumburg a happier, healthier place to live for the whole community. We featured a chiropractor, a dermatologist, and a pediatrician. Here are some other great professionals to seek out for other conditions:

Renata & Richard Izewski, RR Natural Health Inc.

Since all the way back in 1998, the Izewski’s have provided a valuable alternative to modern pharmaceuticals and medication. Natural supplements and remedies are just part of what they offer. At RR Natural Health Inc., they are dedicated first and foremost to the overall healthcare of their customers, and will go out of their way to explain their products and how they can benefit health conditions as diverse as fevers, gas, and chronic infections. If you are concerned about a chronic condition that your medication is only making worse, it may be time to consider a more natural alternative.

Dr. Keith Sklar, Foot First Podiatry

schaumburg doctorOver the course of your daily life, you feet are bound to take a lot of punishment if you don’t take care of them. Fortunately, we have Dr. Sklar around. From bunions to chronic knee and back conditions, a good podiatrist can be the key to curing what ails you. Dr. Sklar is a seasoned professional with top-notch surgical technique, as well as exhaustive knowledge of orthotic tech and ergonomic footwear. His great work over the last ten plus years have not gone unnoticed in the Schaumburg community.

Dr. Ashwani Garg, Personal Family Medicine

A family doctor is not just a technician in a lab coat—he is a fixture in your life, someone that you count on to look after your health for years to come. Dr. Garg has been described a poor businessperson because of the amount on time and attention he devotes to every patient and every visit. This kind of personalized care is often hard to come by when insurance companies seem like they are really running the show. Dr. Garg is living proof that the medical profession will always be about more than just a paycheck.

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