Preparing A Dental Emergency Kit in Schaumburg, IL

Preparing A Dental Emergency Kit

May 4, 2015

Preparing A Dental Emergency Kit

Dental emergencies are more common than you think. Whether you are playing a sport, dancing, moving furniture, or just eating something hard, chipping a tooth is always a distinct possibility. Children are especially susceptible to losing teeth, as they aren’t lodged very deeply in the gums. So what can you do when you or a loved one has a dental emergency?

Most people will say your first priority is seeing a dentist.

But when time is of the essence, you may need to take action yourself to relieve pain and minimize your risk of infection. Especially when you are out of town, make sure to bring a dental emergency kit. This kit should contain a few simple dental tools and products to tide over most dental emergencies:

Emergency-Dentist- Schaumburg- Plastic tweezers
– Small dental mirror
– Dental floss
– Cotton balls
– Dental wax
– Gauze pads.
– Ibuprofen
– Sanitizing Wipes
– Clove Oil
– Temporary Filling

These dental emergency items can simply be added to your regular first-aid kit, or you can purchase a
pre-packed kit at the pharmacy or online. But be careful when buying pre-packaged dental emergency kits—they are not always worth the money. Most of the time, the contents can be purchased individually for less money and better quality.

Now, if or when a dental emergency occurs in your life, you will be prepared. Just consult our emergencies page for instructions on how to treat the accident while you prepare for your visit to your dentist.

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