One-Day Dental Emergencies in Schaumburg, IL

One-Day Dental Emergencies

March 14, 2016

One-Day Dental Emergencies

If you’re in pain or your teeth have experienced some trauma (like breaking or chipping), we understand the need for quick, effective dentistry. At SDS, we do everything in our power to see emergency patients as soon as possible.
Tip: To see our experienced dentists faster, make sure to call (847) 348-8673  before coming into the dental office. That way, we have a chance to prep for your arrival.

Emergencies We Can Alleviate Same-Day

Due to our investment in advanced technology, we are able to offer a variety of one-day procedures, so you leave our office comfortable and smiling.

One Day Crowns

Using CEREC technology, we care able to produce better fitting crowns in-house.

Same Day Emergency Tooth Repair

A chipped tooth can drastically affect self-esteem. Repair your chipped or broken tooth as quickly as possible with our one-day tooth repair procedure.

One day Root Canal

If your tooth’s infection is stabilized, we are able to perform same day root canals. However, if your infection is not stabilized, we will stabilize it, cure any pain and discomfort and schedule a follow-up appointment to finish the procedure.


If we cannot fix your dental issue during your emergency visit, we will make sure that you leave our office with no pain and with an additional appointment scheduled to perform any dental procedures.


To ensure you do not unnecessarily pay for your emergency procedure out of pocket, make sure you have all of your insurance information and documentation prior to your emergency appointment.

Call (847) 348-8673  to schedule an appointment at Schaumburg Dental Studio in Schaumburg, IL.

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