New Year’s Resolution: Straighter Teeth in Schaumburg, IL

New Year’s Resolution: Straighter Teeth

December 27, 2017

New Year’s Resolution: Straighter Teeth

If one of your New Year’s Resolution this year is to get straighter teeth, you may be discouraged by the prospect of having traditional braces on for up to a few years. Instead of giving up on this resolution, a better solution is to consider Fastbraces® as a way to get a straighter, more beautiful smile.

How Do These Braces Work?

When traditional braces are used, the teeth are moved in two separate stages. For most people, this process takes about two years. During the first year, the crown of each tooth is properly aligned. In the second year, the roots of the teeth are correctly positioned.

Fastbraces® rely on an entirely different mechanical principle to move and straighten teeth. Using an innovative triangular bracket and a specially-shaped square wire, the root position of the teeth is corrected from the beginning of the treatment. The combination of these devices is key to straightening the crown and root at the same time.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

This innovative technology gently moves the roots of teeth into their final positions within a time frame of three months to a year. Many patients with Fastbraces® see results in just a few weeks!

Some patients wonder that since these braces move teeth at such a rapid pace, the pain will be greater than traditional braces. However, since low mean frictional forces are used to move teeth, the amount of sliding friction and resulting pain that occurs is lower.

Don’t Give Up on Your Resolutions

If a straighter smile is one of your goals for the year, you don’t have to give up or wait until next year because traditional braces will take too long to help you achieve the smile you want. A dentist at our office in Schaumburg, IL would be more than happy to give you more information about Fastbraces®. Contact our office today to schedule your next appointment!

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