Missing a Front Tooth? We’ve Got You Covered in Schaumburg, IL

Missing a Front Tooth? We’ve Got You Covered

February 12, 2019

Missing a Front Tooth? We’ve Got You Covered

It’s embarrassing to lose a tooth no matter where it’s located in your mouth, but losing a front tooth is a worst-case scenario because everyone can see the gap in your smile. If you’re missing a front tooth, you’re probably looking for the best ways to quickly treat the area. Dental bridges and dental implants are both frequently used for tooth replacement, but here’s why an implant may be the best choice if you’re replacing a front tooth.


When compared to other tooth replacement options, implants look most like real teeth. This is important when you’re dealing with the front of the mouth because you don’t want others to be able to differentiate between your real teeth and your tooth replacement.


Dental implants are very strong and are anchored directly into your jaw bone. This means you don’t have to worry about them falling out when you bite into something crunchy or chewy (like apples or taffy). Since bridges are anchored to adjacent teeth, they aren’t quite as durable and may not be the best choice for front teeth that are frequently used to bite into things.

Bone Health

Implants have the unique advantage of keeping your jaw bone healthy and strong. When you lose a tooth, your jaw bone responds to the lack of tooth root stimulation by degrading slowly. Over time, this degradation can lead to changes in the shape of your jaw and face. By replacing your missing front tooth with a dental implant, you can maintain the integrity of your jaw bone and face shape.

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Not everyone qualifies for dental implants, so it’s wise to receive a consultation from your dentist in Schaumburg, IL, before deciding how you will replace your missing tooth. Call Schaumburg Dental Studio during regular operating hours to reserve your appointment with Drs. Jignesh Patel, David Neumann or Muizz Merchant.

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