Lumineers Success Story in Schaumburg, IL

Lumineers Success Story

February 24, 2015

Lumineers Success Story

Name: Neelam

Age: 55

Occupation: Makeup Artist

“I am very pleased with my Lumineers experience! The consultation I had with Dr. Jig made it an easy decision.

veneers-lumineers.jpgI made an appointment at Schaumburg Dental Studio because I was unhappy with the uneven appearance of my front teeth, which looked slightly uneven and slanted when I smiled. Dr. Jig discovered that I was grinding my teeth in my sleep, and gradually wearing them down on one side. He said Lumineers was a quick, painless way to restore my teeth to their natural, even shape.

“He was absolutely right! After only two appointments last June, my teeth look better than ever! Dr. Jig’s skill and care are apparent in the subtle artistry of his work. I received many compliments on my smile afterwards, even from people who weren’t aware of my procedure. In fact, the Lumineers matched the rest of my teeth so well that only my close sister was able to recognize that there was a difference!

“Nearly a year after receiving Lumineers, I have not noticed any difference or discomfort in my bite. Most of the time, I actually forget that they are even there. But every time I look in the mirror I have to smile because I am so pleased with the outcome. As a happy patient, I would recommend Lumineers to anyone who wants to love their smile again!”

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