Latest Dental Technology at Schaumburg Dental Studio in Schaumburg, IL

Latest Dental Technology at Schaumburg Dental Studio

July 28, 2015

Latest Dental Technology at Schaumburg Dental Studio

Schaumburg Dental Studio is always looking for the latest in dental technology in order to help our patients get the best results and the shortest, most comfortable way possible. In our office, we truly value your time and your smile and want to make sure that you have the best appointment possible, which is why we have invested in the following newest technology:


This machine allows SDS dentists to construct, produce, and insert individual ceramic restorations (crowns, bridges, and veneers) in a single appointment, rather than over multiple appointments with lab work in between. This digitally assisted machine helps the SDS team provide same day dentistry, better aesthetic and functional results, and high-quality porcelain restorations.

Picasso Dental Laser

Picasso laser technology offers unprecedented versatility – performing a wide variety of soft-tissuePicasso Dental Laser procedures. It provides an affordable, state-of-the-art alternative to conventional surgical systems. At Schaumburg Dental Studio, this tool allows us to treat periodontal disease without the use of aggressive surgery. It also allows us to contour and perform surgical procedures without the need of going under the knife, meaning little to no pain and significantly reduced healing time.

Digital x-rays/Panoramic x-ray Machine

Panoramic radiography, also called panoramic x-ray, is a two-dimensional (2-D) dental x-ray examination that captures the entire mouth in a single image, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, surrounding structures and tissues. This type of x-ray results in less exposure to radiation and instant, clear, and accurate radiographs every time. At SDS, we use a panoramic x-ray to ensure the comfort of our patients, as it is the most comfortable way to obtain full mouth x-rays. No more biting down on those pesky tabs!

Sta Anesthesia Unit

This machine combines patented, state-of-the-art computer-controlled injection technology with our excellent SDS dentist’s extensive training to achieve more precise injections, improved drug delivery and materially enhanced patient comfort levels. This results in a significant reduction in the pain associated with injection for our patients. Accurate precise anesthetic delivery also allows us to use less anesthesia and, therefore, avoid long periods of being numb after a procedure.


VELscope Oral Cancer Screening Microscope

VELscope allows your Schaumburg Dental Studio dentist to see abnormalities in the tissues in your mouth that aren’t visible to the human eye, those below the surface that your dentist can’t see yet. Early detection is critical in the care and treatment of oral cancer, which is why SDS felt it necessary to invest in this new technology. This machine was also recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show.

Dental care doesn’t have to be lengthy and uncomfortable. At Schaumburg Dental Studios, we value our patients and wish to repay their loyalty with the best technology on the market. To schedule an appointment with us call our office at 1(847) 558-2797

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