Is Your Tooth Unsaveable? in Schaumburg, IL

Is Your Tooth Unsaveable?

May 3, 2019

Is Your Tooth Unsaveable?

At Schaumburg Dental Studio, Dr. Jig Patel will do everything possible to save your teeth. Our dentist in Schaumburg, IL has various treatments available, including laser dentistry, to ensure you get to retain all of your natural teeth. However, sometimes our team has no other option but to remove the diseased tooth. Here are some of the instances where tooth extractions are unavoidable.

Irreparable Tooth Damage

Tooth decay can be treated with dental fillings, but when the decay becomes too much, there is no saving the tooth. The decay can reach the pulp inside the tooth and create an infection. A root canal procedure can help stop the spread, but it may already be too late. When a root canal is incapable of saving a tooth, then our dentist has no choice but to remove the tooth entirely. It is the only way to stop the infection from spreading to the gums and jawbone.

Impacted Tooth

Many teeth become impacted when they first emerge. This is the case for wisdom teeth. Our dentists need to remove wisdom teeth or else they can cause the other teeth to sustain damage. You may suffer from overcrowding or an infection if the impacted teeth are not dealt with promptly. That is why our dentist removes wisdom teeth as well as any other impacted teeth.

Dental Trauma

Many people require tooth extractions to deal with damaged teeth after an accident. A car accident or sports injury can cause teeth to crack or chip. Bridges, crowns and veneers can help in minor circumstances. However, major circumstances may leave the dentist no other choice but to eliminate them entirely.

Handle the Problem Promptly

Dr. Patel’s goal with every patient is to preserve all of the existing teeth when possible. When you need an extraction, we will provide a safe, comfortable environment for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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