How to Keep Your Invisalign Clear, Clean, and Smelling Fresh in Schaumburg, IL

How to Keep Your Invisalign Clear, Clean, and Smelling Fresh

July 21, 2016

How to Keep Your Invisalign Clear, Clean, and Smelling Fresh

Keeping your Invisalign trays clean is no simple task, especially if you regularly forget to remove them while eating and drinking. Here are six methods that Invisalign users have identified as their favorite ways to keep they trays clear, clean and smelling fresh.

Dish Soap and Water

It may seem a bit odd, but Invisalign users agree – using a combination of dish soap and water is the most effective way to keep your Invisalign clean. Simply fill a small container with water, add a little dish soap, mix till bubbling and use those bubbles to brush the inside and outside of your Invisalign. Adapters of this method also suggest investing in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Simply place the Invisalign tray into the machine with a bit of dish soap and return to a sparking clean tray. Just don’t forget to rinse your tray thoroughly before putting it back in your mouth.

White Vinegar and Water

Similar to the dish soap method, white vinegar is great at breaking up debris and removing stains. Simply dilute some white vinegar in water, let the tray soak for 15-20 minutes, remove it and rinse.

Natural Toothpastes

Avoid using toothpaste that is abrasive or has whitening agents in them. These pastes can damage the Invisalign if applied too vigorously or for too long. Instead, opt for natural, simple toothpaste and brush your Invisalign as you would your teeth.

Retainer Brite

This method receives mixed reviews. Some Invisalign users swear by these effervescent cleaning tablets, while others say it didn’t work as well as they had hoped. Either way, if you’ve tried everything else on this list, maybe it’s time to give Retainer Brite a try.

Polident Gentle Foaming Denture Cleanser

This foaming cleanser is specially formulated to be gentler on your Invisalign than regular toothpaste. It is non-abrasive and contains micro bubbles to help remove stains and kill bacteria. Designed specifically for dentures, this cleaner has shown great potential for Invisalign cleaning.

Shaving Cream

We know, we know, but trust us! Using shaving cream is a great way to keep your Invisalign clean, clear and fresh. Just surround your Invisalign in shaving cream, wait 5-10 minutes then rinse. Finally, give it a light brushing with a small toothbrush.

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