Fastbraces® - Schaumburg, IL

Fastbraces®: The Short-Term Smile-Straightening Solution

A Beautiful New Smile in 120 Days

For many of our patients time is a concern when it comes to dental treatments. If you are looking to straighten your smile, the long treatment times associated with clear aligners and traditional braces can seem daunting. Dr. Jignesh Patel offers a faster solution with the revolutionary Fastbraces® orthodontic system. With Fastbraces, you can straighten your teeth in as little as 120 days. This system allows both teens and adults to correct a number of bite issues in an accelerated amount of time.

The Faster and More Comfortable Alternative to Traditional Braces

Traditional braces typically take around two years to achieve ideal tooth alignment with patients reporting discomfort as teeth adjust and shift. Fastbraces treatments typically last around four months and is considered a gentler alternative. Many patients say they experience little or no sensitivity or soreness due to the softer force this system produces.

Efficient Treatment Where Your Smile Needs It

Using a scientifically-proven design, Fastbraces offers faster, more efficient and more accurate results than traditional braces. It uses a patented triangular-shaped bracket system with a single wire that moves both the crown and root of the tooth at the same time. This drastically cuts down treatment duration. Fastbraces can be used to correct entire rows of teeth, or adapted to target areas where the treatment is needed. Dr. Patel has been certified in orthodontics since 2009 and has since used Fastbraces to offer his patients:

  • Straighter smiles in less time
  • Fewer appointments than traditional braces
  • Less discomfort and pain than traditional braces
  • Accurate and reliable smile results
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