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Fastbraces®: The Short-Term Smile-Straightening Solution

A Healthy, Straight Smile Is Possible

Today, more than ever, our fast-paced lifestyles are making it more and more difficult to commit to things like orthodontic appointments. Even the mere thought of having to spend hours attending appointments seems daunting, not to mention having to wear unsightly metal braces for years. When a smile is generally the first thing someone notices about a person, having teeth that are gapped, crooked, or crowded can be embarrassing. Dr. Jignesh Patel offers an alternative to years of treatment with Fastbraces®, a revolutionary new orthodontic system that can gently and effectively straighten teeth in as little as 120 days!

The Ideal Replacement to Traditional Braces

No one, especially professional adults and social teens, wants to live through years of traditional orthodontic treatment. Although this option has been effective in straightening teeth for decades, improvements to the process itself, including alternatives to the metal brackets, have made little headway. Many times, patients who visit our office are concerned with the time associated with traditional braces and are searching for an alternative. Fastbraces provides them with this solution, as it offers a simple and effective teeth-straightening solution that fits right in with their busy, social lifestyles.

Effective, Reliable Orthodontic Treatment

Fastbraces utilizes the technology of a modified bracket and wire system to move teeth faster, more efficiently, and more accurately than traditional metal braces. Each bracket is triangular in shape, simultaneously adjusting both the tooth crown and root to position the entire tooth upright in a single movement. Dr. Patel is certified in orthodontics and is highly experienced in treating patients with Fastbraces to provide beautiful, healthy teeth in months instead of years. Fastbraces offer the following benefits:

  • Simple, effective treatment
  • Reliable and accurate outcomes
  • Increased treatment comfort
  • Shortened treatment time
  • Fewer required appointments

You do not have to spend years in traditional metal braces! Call our office today to schedule your Fastbraces consultation with Dr. Patel.

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