Do You Want a Beautifully Straight Smile in 2018? in Schaumburg, IL

Do You Want a Beautifully Straight Smile in 2018?

May 30, 2018

Do You Want a Beautifully Straight Smile in 2018?

Have you always wanted a gorgeous, straight smile, but were afraid of the long time it takes to achieve that look by wearing traditional braces? You can now have the smile you want in a fraction of the time by using FASTBRACES® technology. Dr. Jignesh Patel, a dentist with an Orthodontic Certification, specializes in helping you obtain the results you desire quickly.


FASTBRACES® is a safe, comfortable solution to crooked teeth, gaps, and other problems. Unlike traditional braces, which generally take two years and sometimes more to achieve maximum correction, results with FASTBRACES® can be accomplished in as little as 120 days, meaning that if you act now, you can have straight teeth in just about four months.

These faster results can be attributed to the revolutionary technology and design of this method. Traditional braces move first the crown of the tooth, and then the root. However, when using FASTBRACES®:

  • Patented triangular-shaped brackets are attached to each tooth.
  • A single wire is attached to the brackets.
  • The crown and root of the tooth are moved simultaneously with this wire.

Why Do Patients Love FASTBRACES®?

There are many reasons that patients choose this approach to straightening their teeth:

  • It is efficient and accurate.
  • Its innovative technology achieves results quickly.
  • It can be used to correct all teeth or to focus on problem areas.
  • It works gently, creating minimal or no soreness or sensitivity.
  • It requires fewer appointments than traditional treatments.
  • It works on both teens and adults.

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