Best Schools in Schaumburg: School District 54 in Schaumburg, IL

Best Schools in Schaumburg: School District 54

March 16, 2015

Best Schools in Schaumburg: School District 54

If you are beginning a family, or just moving to the Schaumburg area, education is one of your biggest concerns. Part of the Healthy Schaumburg campaign is promoting the best experiences that this city has to offer, and education is high on the list. So if you’re wondering which school your child should attend, or where to live, these are some things to consider.

Collins Elementary

Michael Collins Elementary School is widely recognized as one of the best public schools in the Schaumburg area. A nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School, Collins is ranked among the top 90% of elementary schools in Illinois. Educational excellence is a top priority at this school; there are accelerated math and reading programs to help top learners excel, and teachers collaborate to produce the best material and lesson plans across the curriculum. There are also a variety of clubs and education extra-curricular for students to participate in after school, including KASPER, an affiliate program with the Schaumburg Park District.

Mead Junior High

Margaret Mead Junior High is another great school with challenging, engaging learning opportunities for students. They offer a diverse curriculum with a multitude of creative electives such as band, orchestra, chorus, and multi-media visual arts. Students can also take supplemental math and language courses if they prefer to pursue their other studies instead. Ranked first in student performance among middle schools in the Schaumburg area, Mead Jr. High is a top performing school with lots of character.

Stevenson Elementary

In addition to a diverse curriculum and strong institutional values, Stevenson offers a robust Special Needs program for students with learning and developmental disabilities. It is also one of the most diverse schools in the area, with white students making up just a small plurality of the student body. All these features promote Stevenson’s mission: to produce students who “recognize and succeed in real life challenges—personally, academically, and socially.”

Robert Frost Junior High School

With a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, Robert Frost Junior High has some of the most personalized education in Schaumburg. Owing to this attention to each student, Robert Frost students perform at the 96th percentile in Illinois. From gifted programs, to STEM labs, multi-media centers, and practice rooms, the resources at Robert Frost are exceptional, even among schools in this already exceptional district.

Hoover Math And Science Academy

As you might guess from the name, Hoover Math and Science Academy has some of highest test scores and overall rankings in the district. But Hoover’s academic strengths are not limited to math and science; they also have a robust art program and a variety of interesting clubs for literature, chess, computer programming, dance, and more! These programs are offered at all levels, from K-6, so every student has the opportunity to develop their creativity and interests.

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