8 Celebrities Who Owe their Hollywood Smile to Cosmetic Dentistry

8 Celebrities Who Owe their Hollywood Smile to Cosmetic Dentistry

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George Clooney

Often revered as one of the sexiest men alive, George has taken advantage of cosmetic dentistry to lengthen and even out his front teeth. It must be working out well for him as he continues to create and star in feature length films. Not to mention, he was able to convince a Goddess like Amal to marry him, maybe he won her over with his new pearly whites.



Victoria Beckham

Known primarily as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, this famous English businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and singer is a style powerhouse. Before she shot to fame in the late 1990’s, Beckham had her teeth straightened and bonded.

Tom Cruise

Some of Cruise’s most memorable movies star him and his original teeth. Since then he has had several cosmetic dentistry procedures including whitening and straightening. The rumor is he has since upgraded to a full mouth of veneers, but that has yet to be confirmed.



Ben Affleck

Affleck is no stranger to the flashes of paparazzi cameras. When he was younger, his buckteeth made him charming and adorable, but as the actor aged, he wanted to move into a different demographic, the leading man. Affleck went through several cosmetic dentistry procedures and is now starring in movies like “Batman vs. Superman”.

Hillary Duff

Anyone female in the 90’s will tell you that Lizzie McGuire (Hillary’s Disney show from 2001-2004) was like an older sister to us all. She vocalized those awkward questions about puberty and socializing in middle and high school. Duff didn’t choose to fix her teeth, however, until she transitioned into her singing career in 2009 after chipping her tooth on a microphone. While getting the tooth fixed, she decided to simply do a full smile upgrade with a set of veneers.



Matthew Lewis

Known for his iconic role as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films, this TV, film and stage star had a drastic transformation once the Harry Potter cameras finished rolling. At a release party for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, Lewis explained that the studio asked that he maintain his weight and crooked teeth, which became synonymous with his character, at least through the sixth movie. After that, they would fit him with false teeth and fat suit for the remaining two films.

Miley Cyrus

Former Disney star turned wild child, Miley Cyrus, grew up in the spotlight. Her crooked teeth added wholesome charm to her Hannah Montana character from 2006-2011. After parting ways with Disney and turning her focus to her own singing and performance career, Cyrus had her teeth straightened and whitened.



50 Cent

The famous Rapper was already self-conscious about the gap between his two front teeth, but after another rapper called him out in a song, 50 Cent decided to make a change. When consulting with his dentist, he asked that no additional changes be made (excluding closing the gap) because he still wanted to look like himself in the mirror.

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