5 Things to Ensure You’re Receiving Safe Dental Care in Schaumburg, IL

5 Things to Ensure You’re Receiving Safe Dental Care

February 16, 2016

5 Things to Ensure You’re Receiving Safe Dental Care

Our mouths are swarming with microbes, and any dental office that sees a large number of patients a day has an inherent potential for spreading infectious germs between patients and dental staff, through contaminated instruments and surfaces. These can be greatly minimized by following proper infection control procedures.

The Centers for Disease Control has established infection control guidelines that a dental office is required to adhere to:

The Room

A well-ventilated room with air-circulating devices prevents building up of aerosols produced from the dental drills and the dental chair’s knobs and handles are required to be chemically disinfected between each patient.

The Staff

Your dentist and their assistants should be immunized against hepatitis and wear clean personal protective equipment—a scrub apron, eyewear, disposable gloves and facemasks.

The Patient (You)

The patient should always receive a drape or bib. They may also be given a protective “face shield” to block skin contamination from the dental drill’s water spray.

The Instruments

All the dental devices that go into patient’s mouth need to be subjected a high-degree sterilization procedure, killing all microbial disease. These instruments then need to be stored in a dry, sterile, contained area such as disposable pouches or cassettes and removed just before use. All local injections should be made with disposable needles with single-use syringes or sterile cartridges.

The Surgery

The dentist, assistant, and patient all require sterilized gowns, and all instruments, drills, suction apparatus needs to be thoroughly disinfected. Any surgical procedures require sterile saline within the drills themselves and bone grafts, membranes, and suture packets are all intended to be used immediately after opening and cannot be reused at later appointments.

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