5 Candies to Just Say “No” to This Halloween in Schaumburg, IL

5 Candies to Just Say “No” to This Halloween

October 20, 2016

5 Candies to Just Say “No” to This Halloween

We all know that candy is not ideal for teeth. However, when it comes to Halloween, those sweet treats are almost unavoidable. While not all candies are created equal when it comes to dental health, here are 5 candies that you should just say “NO” to this Halloween.

Now and Laters

If you find any of these in your child’s candy bag after a long day of trick or treating – throw it in the trash asap. Not only are these things 100% sugar, they go from sticky to hard like some kind of magic trick.

In fact, there is a dental product with almost the exact same consistency. What is it used for? Pulling off crowns that are stuck – yep, you read that correctly. If you do insist on eating these devilish treats, and they get stuck in your teeth, don’t try and yank it off. Simply wait for it to dissolve or rinse your mouth with warm water until it lets go.

Bit O Honey

Back in the day, this candy was known for ruining teeth. Sticky but hard, (sound familiar?) This tasty candy will not only break teeth, but they can and will cause cavities. Although it is unlikely that this candy will end up in your Halloween bag, keep an eye out and remove it if you see any.

JuJu B’s

Small and gummy, it’s almost as if these hard gummies were designed to get stuck in the crevices of your teeth and wreak havoc. If you can’t fish out these mischievous little candies immediately with your toothbrush – don’t eat them or run the risk of increased cavities.

Dots/Gummy Bears/Sour Patch Kids

We know, we know, some of the best Halloween candies are gummy. Unfortunately, any sticky gummy treat, regardless of brand or flavor, is extremely bad for your teeth. These sticky killersare what turn a regular dental visit into the bad news at the dentist office. Eat in moderation and brush right after to avoid dental decay.

Coming in at a respectable number 5 is caramel. This smooth, delicious treat is obviously sticky and adheres to teeth very easily. The reason caramel is number five is because it tends to washaway pretty easily with a little water and a good scrubbing.

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