4 Halloween Teeth Tips from SDS in Schaumburg, IL

4 Halloween Teeth Tips from SDS

October 27, 2015

4 Halloween Teeth Tips from SDS

Halloween is right around the corner and Trick-or-treating, while fun and memorable, is also one of the biggest reasons people end up in our office come November. While you want your little ghosts and goblins to enjoy their yummy treats, you also don’t want any special trips to the dental office. The dental experts at SDS have some quick and easy tips to keep your teeth healthy this Halloween.

Be the Keeper of the Candy

If you keep your child’s candy in a special spot that you only have access to, it makes it easier to monitor when they have candy and how much they ingest.

Timing is Everything

Studies show that the best time to eat candy is after school or work. This is because that is when the saliva in your mouth increases, meaning the acid from the candy will be neutralized after consumption. Also, instead of brushing immediately after eating candy, wait about 30 minutes so your saliva has time to do its job and whisk away those pesky cavity-causing acids.

Toothbrush Treats!

Kids love getting new toothbrushes, so what better time to give your child a brand new toothbrush! Find one with their favorite cartoon character, or consider getting a “decorate your brush” set that comes with stickers and doo-dads (or purchase your own stickers and decals to make your own!) There are also toothbrushes that play tunes, such as “We Will Rock You”, which not only makes brushing fun but also helps your child brush for the right amount of time, until the song is over. Spin brushes are another great way to make brushing fun while providing a little more traction than non-electric toothbrushes.

Weed Out the Worst Culprits

Not all candy is created equal. Some of the worst candy for your teeth include Starburst, Twix, Milk Duds, Tootsie Rolls, and other chewy, sticky candy because they stick to your teeth for a longer periods of time. Consider discreetly removing those from your children’s bag and replacing them with more teeth-friendly treats. Alternatives include Smarties and candy necklaces, (which are better than you might think because they dissolve quickly in your mouth) most sugar-free gum and candies, dark chocolate and York peppermint patties.

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