Meet the Team
at Schaumburg Dental Studio


Lizette Salinas

Meet Lizette

As our Operations Manager, Lizette coordinates the different teams at SDS. Lizette knows everything that goes on in our office, and makes everybody’s business her business. In addition to being a dental assistant for four years, Lizette is also certified in coronal polishing, sealant placement, orthodontics, and is our whitening expert.

Lizette is the liaison between Dr. Patel and the rest of the staff, articulating his visions for the office in a more coherent, comprehensive way. Lizette is, in many ways, Dr. Patel’s right-hand man, and proudly leads the SDS team according to his example of altruism, care, and integrity. What she likes most about her job is organizing lots of moving parts into a master plan, which is why Lizette’s favorite movie is Ocean’s 11.


Amanda Hardin, RDH

Meet Amanda

As SDS’s Lead Hygienist, new mom Amanda is responsible for training the SDS dental hygienists, organizing the department and making sure every patient is receiving the same high-quality care that Schaumburg Dental Studio is known for. In the average day, Amanda can be found treating patients and brainstorming new ways for SDS to provide exceptional dental care to everyone in the community. Her favorite part about working at SDS is the experienced team, loyal patients and fun and friendly work environment. Amanda enjoys the occasional dramatics – as long as they are not her own – which is why her favorite show is Empire.


Tania Moreno

Meet Tania

As a child, smiles were the first thing Tania would notice about a person. As an adult, she is passionate about helping people achieve the brightest, friendliest, healthiest smiles possible. After graduating from Harper Community College in May, Tania excited joined the hardworking team at SDS in their mission of excellent patient care. Her tenacity is exampled through her favorite show being Grey’s Anatomy which she has kept up with for all 11 seasons.


Claudia Caldera

Meet Claudia

Claudia recently graduated from Northwestern Suburban College in Dental Assisting. After three years verifying insurance at a dental office, the world of dentistry piqued Claudia’s interest so much that she decided to make a career out of it. In fact, she has learned so much from Dr. Patel in the last year that she likes to think of herself as a “mini-doctor.” But she is still a kid at heart, and canТt decide whether she likes Aladdin or Lion King better.


Dolly Rodriguez

Meet Dolly

As Schaumburg Dental Studio’s chief Financial Coordinator, Dolly spends her days completing insurance verification, outlining payment plans, organizing payroll, and processing insurance payments, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Her favorite part about working at SDS is the uncompromising level of exceptional customer service they supply to all their patients and the hard-working, friendly team members. Her favorite TV show is Say Yes to the Dress because, just like how SDS customizes treatment plans for their patients, the Say Yes to the Dress Team strives to find the perfect fit for every unique bride. 


Maritza Roman

Meet Maritza

Maritza, as the Treatment Plan Coordinator, is responsible for presenting treatment plans to our patients, going over their financial options, scheduling patients for procedures, answering any treatment plan questions and payment plans, explaining insurance benefits and coverage, and following up with patients in regards of treatment questions. Though she may seem sweet on the outside, her dark side comes out in her favorite TV show, American Horror Story.

Prem Shah

Prem Shah

Meet Prem

Prem is currently a student studying finance at Loyola University in addition to working as a front desk receptionist for SDS. He loves working for SDS because of the friendly environment, the expert staff, and the warm, loyal patients. Prem hopes to go into financial advising after he graduates from college, which, as a calculated and risk averting career, ironically goes against his favorite franchise, Batman, which he loves due to its thrilling nature. 

Stephanie Perez

Stephanie Perez

Meet Stephanie

As a Front Desk Receptionist, Stephanie loves seeing the smiling faces of satisfied patients and working with the friendly and experienced SDS team. Her daily activities include scheduling and confirming appointments, taking payments, answering patient questions and maintaining a friendly and comfortable reception environment. Stephanie tried out many jobs before joining the SDS team and is very excited to have found the right fit for her. A true romantic, Stephanies favorite movie is The Notebook.

April Nava

April Nava

Meet April

A dental assistant at SDS, April assists Dr. Jig and Dr. Avani in their daily tasks. She is 100% a people person and loves to learn. Her favorite part about working at SDS is that every patient, procedure and task she is given is different – always keeping her on her toes. Her favorite tv show is Game of Thrones  because of all of the surprising plot twists and new characters. She is excited to be a part of the SDS team and optimistic about where her journey in dentistry will take her.