Lizette Salinas

As our Operations Manager, Lizette coordinates the different teams at SDS. Lizette knows everything that goes on in our office, and makes everybody’s business her business. In addition to being a dental assistant for four years, Lizette is also certified in coronal polishing, sealant placement, orthodontics, and is our whitening expert.

Lizette is the liaison between Dr. Patel and the rest of the staff, articulating his visions for the office in a more coherent, comprehensive way. Lizette is, in many ways, Dr. Patel’s right-hand man, and proudly leads the SDS team according to his example of altruism, care, and integrity. What she likes most about her job is organizing lots of moving parts into a master plan, which is why Lizette’s favorite movie is Ocean’s 11.

Amanda Hardin, RDH

Amanda brings an unprecedented level of knowledge and care to dental hygiene. In addition her degree in Dental Hygiene from College of Lake County, Amanda has continued her education at Schaumburg Dental Studio to ensure she provides the most comprehensive care for our patients.
Where most hygienists focus primarily on superficial, short-term cleaning, Amanda is committed to providing preventative care with proper diagnosis and patient follow-up. Her main focus is periodontal (i.e., gums) issues, which often go undiagnosed for years, leading to larger problems for patients in the long term. Amanda’s favorite show is Bones, because she believes that every mouth tells a story.

Raquel Medina

Raquel has been a dental assistant since 1995, working in several different offices before she joined us last year. Due to her experience, Raquel has taken on a leadership role at SDS, providing valuable guidance to her fellow assistants, and gaining insight into new dental technologies from Dr. Patel. She is also a proud mother of two, and loves to watch the show she says is based on her life, Parenthood.

Claudia Caldera

Claudia recently graduated from Northwestern Suburban College in Dental Assisting. After three years verifying insurance at a dental office, the world of dentistry piqued Claudia’s interest so much that she decided to make a career out of it. In fact, she has learned so much from Dr. Patel in the last year that she likes to think of herself as a “mini-doctor.” But she is still a kid at heart, and canТt decide whether she likes Aladdin or Lion King better.

Amy Miguel

Amy is the most recent addition to the SDS team. As a student at College of Lake County studying dental hygiene, Amy has already found a promising start to her career working with Dr. Patel and the other assistants. The experience and support of the other staff has helped Amy to grow into a confident team member in her own right. Amy considers herself a romantic at heart-her favorite movie is A Walk To Remember.

Dolly Rodriguez

Dolly has been our Finance Coordinator at Schaumburg Dental Studio for going on three years now. While pursuing her degree in Nursing at Harper Community College, Dolly already makes a positive impact on people’s lives by providing payment plans and financing options for their dental care.
Her commitment to helping others doesn’t end there. Dolly spends most of her time outside the office with her three boys, helping with homework, taking them to different sports and activities, and everything in between. Her ideal date night would be seeing Interstellar in the theater again with her husband.

Anandi Patel

With a degree in Business Management from UIC, Anandi optimizes our schedules and treatment plans to ensure that patient care is proceeding as quickly and efficiently as possible. Anandi comes from a family of doctors, and is very conscious of both our patients health as well as her own. Her favorite TV show is the gruesome and unhygienic HBO series Game of Thrones.

Maritza Roman

As our receptionist, Maritza is the face of SDS. Whether you are a new or returning patient, Maritza has the smile that makes our office feel like home to all. Her humble and positive demeanor is the keystone of the superior customer service we offer at SDS. Though she may seem sweet on the outside, her favorite TV show is American Horror Story.